A Cat Named Dog?

What ethnicity was Norma Tanega?

Her mother, Otilda Tanega, was Panamanian. Her father, Tomas Tanega, was Filipino and worked as a bandmaster for 30 years in the United States Navy aboard the USS Hornet before eventually leading his own band. Norma’s older brother Rudy served in the United States Air Force.

Was Norma Tanega Native American?

Norma Tanega was born in 1939 in Vallejo, California to a Panamanian mother and Filipino father, but soon moved to Southern California where she grew up in Long Beach. Norma’s father served as a Chief petty officer (CPO) and bandmaster in the U.S. Navy, and was an accomplished musician.D

Is there a cat named Dog?

Vietnam’s most famous pet is a cat named ‘Dog’ who sells fish for a living. HAI PHONG, VIETNAM — There’s a cat named ‘Dog’ and he works at a fish market in Vietnam.J

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