Are Crepe Myrtles Poisonous To Dogs?

What do you spray crepe myrtles with?

Fortunately, the common Lady Bug can eat up to 1,000 of these little critters a day! However, if you don’t happen to have a large supply of Lady Bugs on hand, you can spray your Crape Myrtle with over the counter diazinon or malathion, available at most home improvement stores.

What animal eats crepe myrtles?

Goldfinches, dark-eyed juncos, house finches, cardinals, and house and white-throated sparrows visit the trees continually from early December through late February to devour the abundant seed crop that crape myrtles provide.S

What do you spray on aphids with crepe myrtles?

Spray the tree with a molasses solution (2 ounces of molasses to 1 gallon of water) and then release lady bugs (available at some garden centers). You also could treat with neem or a horticultural oil. Once the aphids are gone, the sooty mold will gradually disappear.

What is eating my crepe myrtle tree?

Crepe myrtle pests include aphids and mold. When it comes to aphids, these crepe myrtle pests need to be washed off the tree with a forceful water bath or spray. You can use an environmentally safe pesticide or insecticide to wash the tree along with water. Another of the crepe myrtle pests is sooty mold.

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