Are Dentley’S Dog Chews Safe?

Is dentley’s a good dog brand?

Top positive review I give our dog one Dentley every morning. It helps reduce tartar and it keeps our wonderful pet occupied with his favorite “treat.” Our groomer tells me our 5-yr old pet’s gum and teeth are in great shape. I attribute this to the easily digested Dentleys!

Does Dentleys have rawhide?

Dentley’s® Traditional Rawhide Chips Dog Chew – 1 lb.

Are dentley’s made in the USA?

Are all Dentley’s products made or sourced in China? Dentley’s products are sourced from multiple countries, including the United States, Brazil, China, Columbia, Ecuador, India, Mexico and Thailand.O

What rawhide chews are made in USA?

Pet Factory Beefhide Dog Chews, 99% Digestible Rawhide Treats, 100% Natural Rawhide Chips, 8 oz Resealable Package, Made in USA.

Are dentley’s dog chews rawhide?

Dentley’s® Traditional 7 Rawhide Knotted Bone Dog Chew Save 35% On Your First Autoship Order!

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