Are Long-Haired Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic?

Do long haired Siamese cats shed?

Despite some of the misconceptions, Siamese cats absolutely shed. Their hair is simply so small that it is less noticeable than other breeds. However, they still require grooming during certain periods and may need weekly brushing even when they aren’t shedding extensively. This breed also isn’t hypoallergenic.J

Are long haired cats better for allergies?

As with dogs, people aren’t allergic to cat fur, but the dander and saliva attached to the fur and spread around the home as your pet sheds makes fluffier cats a problem for people with allergies. In general, longer-haired cats (other than the breeds listed) and heavy-shedders should be off limits to allergy-sufferers.

What breed of cat causes least allergies?

– Sphynx Cats. Although hairless Sphynx cats still have Fel D1 protein, they shed less of it around the house because they don’t lose fur. … – Siberian Cats. … – Cornish and Devon Rex Cats. … – Bengal Cats. … – Russian Blue Cats. … – Balinese Cats.

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