Can Dogs Get Strep?

How do I know if my dog has strep?

– Pain. – Fever. – Arthritis. – Lethargy. – Coughing. – Pneumonia. – Abscess(es) – Difficulty swallowing due to swelling (tonsillitis)

What are the symptoms of a bacterial infection in a dog?

Dogs who are sick with a bacterial infection usually have digestive upset (diarrhea or vomiting), a fever and are lethargic or cranky since they do not feel well.J

Can I get my dog sick with strep?

Dogs can “catch” the bacteria from their humans, but they don’t necessarily get a strep infection like humans do. Instead, if someone in the house has strep throat, it can be transmitted to the dog where it hides in the respiratory tract and serves as a “transient infection”.J

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