Can Drug Dogs Smell Edibles At The Airport?

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Can drug dogs smell edible gummies at the airport?

Dan Hayter, founder of K9 Global Training Academy and a former chief of the military drug dog trainer, agrees that edibles aren’t impossible to trace. A dog can be taught to recognize marijuana mixed into flour without too much difficulty
he says.M

Can they see edibles at airport?

Even though edibles are not permitted, many travelers still attempt to carry cannabis in their luggage to board a plane. When going through security, the TSA website explicitly states that agents do not specifically search for drugs during the screening process, including edibles.F

How do you sneak edibles through airport security?

Edibles are the easiest to fly with by far. Gummies go into an empty bag of Haribo gummy bears. Shatter and wax go into one of those weird honey candy bags.F

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