How To Walk A Dog With A Yoyo?

What is the easiest yoyo trick?

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How do you make a yoyo go up and down?

Why does my yoyo not stay down?

How do you fix a yoyo that won’t sleep?

The way you solve this problem is, you should not put the string on the yoyo while the yoyo is apart, instead you should put the yoyo together first and then you open up the string and put the yoyo right on the string just like that. That will make sure that the string doesn’t fall in between the bearing and the yoyo.J

How do you use a yo-yo?

How do I get my yoyo to work?

Can all yoyos sleep?

Any yoyo that has a wood axle, also your Butterfly yoyo, your Imperial yoyo, your inexpensive, common Duncan yoyos. Not all Duncan yoyos, but the less expensive ones that you might find at a drug store, or a grocery store, something like that. These yoyos, if you get one of these, they should be able to sleep.J

How do you get a yoyo to stay down?

How do you fix a yoyo that won’t wind up?

Just put a little bit on the bearing or on the plastic where the bearing sits; that should help the yoyo become responsive again. You may also want to try just changing the string. That can also help out in that scenario.

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How do you use a yo-yo kids?

How do you get a yo-yo to sleep?

How do you make an unresponsive yoyo come back up?

Can a looping yoyo sleep?

When you bring it back together you will see, most of those twists are out. The yoyo should be able to sleep after that. If it is still not sleeping you may have gotten a knot around the axle. You might need to either cut that out or replace the string or something, that should be able to do it.J