How Big To Shar Pei Dogs Get?

What is considered a medium sized dog?

Medium dogs weigh between 20 and 60 pounds. Their height ranges between eight inches and 27 inches.

How much should a Shar Pei weigh at 4 months?

Age Weight lbs Weight kg——– ———– ————-3 Months 21 – 25 lbs 9.5 – 11.3 kg4 Months 27 – 33 lbs 12.2 – 15 kg5 Months 33 – 40 lbs 15 – 18 kg6 Months 40 – 47 lbs 18 – 21.3 kg

Is a Shar Pei a large breed dog?

Medium and compact, shar-peis are distinctive-looking members of the non-sporting group. Identifiable primarily by the loose, wrinkled skin covering their head, neck and shoulders, shar-peis are also recognizable by their broad muzzle and small triangular ears.

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How big does a adult Shar-Pei get?

Adult Shar Peis typically stand between 44 and 51 centimetres (17 and 20 in) and weigh between 16 and 20 kilograms (35 and 44 lb), they have a short, very harsh coat that can be any solid colour except white, although black, red, fawn and cream are the most common.

What two breeds make a Shar Pei?

The Han Dog gave rise to two different breeds – one a heavier, more bulky dog which went on the become the Chow and a smaller wrinkled dog who became used for fighting who became the Shar Pei. Both have the same unique blue tongue showing their linked ancestry.

Is a Shar Peis a medium sized dog?

The Shar Pei is a short-coated medium-sized breed of dog, renowned for its excessively wrinkled skin. The breed resembles many dog breeds from the mastiff family; however, it is most closely related to spitz breeds, with the Chow Chow being its closest relative.

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