How Do I Prepare For Ubth Nursing School Exams?

Prepare with past questions from UBTH school of nursing (they are available) and also paste questions from WAEC and NECO. Read broadly and don’t isolate yourself (have a reading mate) and I can assure you that you will pass. Have I answered your question?

What is considered a good score on the Kaplan nursing Entrance Exam?

Section Score Ranking Score Points
—————– —– ——————–
Science 55+ 2
Critical Thinking 66+

How is the Kaplan nursing Entrance Exam Scores?

Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exam Scores Ranking Score Points
—————————————— ——————–
63.5 – 71.8 15 points
71.9 – 80.2 20 points
80.3+ 25 points

Where do nursing professors get their exam questions from?

Download test banks from your nursing school textbooks. Instructors often base their test questions off these test banks. Some might consider that chea.

How can I prepare for nursing entrance exam?

– Know What Will Be On the Exam. Knowing what’s on the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam is probably the most important step to passing the exam. …
– Study the Exam Material. …
– Get the Study Guide. …
– Take a Prep Course. …
– Use Flashcards. …
– Check Out School Resources. …
– Find Sample Questions Online.

What is the average Kaplan score?

Tables 1 gives the descriptive statistics for this administration of the test. The mean score on the test is 60.8% correct of the 91 items in the analysis.

What type of questions are asked in entrance exam?

– Quantitative aptitude.
– English Comprehension.
– Analytical reasoning.
– Verbal and non-verbal reasoning.
– Data Interpretation.
– General Awareness and Current affairs.
– Computer awareness.

Which type of question is given in entrance exam?

Nowadays generally entrance exams are objective or say multiple choice questions type, mostly with four options and one correct one to select.

How do you pass a nursing school exam?

– Budget Plenty of Study Time. Studying for nursing tests takes time. …
– Find Some Example Nursing Questions. …
– Use A Study Group. …
– Study With Your Learning Style. …
– Put Facts On Repeat. …
– Create Mnemonic Devices. …
– Make the Facts Relatable. …
– Use An NCLEX Practice Test Question Bank.

What should I study for nursing school entrance exam?

– Academic aptitude.
– Spelling.
– Reading comprehension.
– Natural sciences.
– A vocational adjustment index.

What is a passing score on an aptitude test?

If a perfect aptitude test score is 100% or 100 points, and your score is 80% or above, it is considered a good score. A minimum acceptable score is considered to be from 70% to 80%.O

What information is beneficial before enrolling in nursing school?

The Skills and Grades Applying your nursing knowledge is where you’re headed, and while grades are important to distinguish yourself as a student and for preceptorship (or nursing apprenticeship) placements in some programs, the practical skills you develop as a health care provider are just as essential.

What is a passing score on Kaplan?



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