How Long Does A Tabby Cat Live?

Are tabby cats cuddly?

The term tabby doesn’t refer to a breed but to a coat pattern commonly seen in cats, so it’s difficult to make generalizations about the tabby’s personality. Many tabby owners say, however, that their cats are friendly and affectionate.

What breed of cat is best for beginners?

– Maine Coon. One of the largest of all the cat breeds, the Maine Coon is affectionate but not overly dependent. … – Ragdoll. … – Siamese. … – Exotic Shorthair. … – Scottish Fold. … – Sphynx. … – American Shorthair. … – Adult rescue cat.

What breed of cat prefers indoors?

These include: Balinese, Bengal, Russian Blue, Siberian, and the Sphynx. Indoor cat breeds that are also hypoallergenic are likely to make better indoor pets, as allergy sufferers will be spending more time in close proximity to them.

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