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How Much Infinix Note 10 In Nigeria?

Product Name Price in India
————————————- ————–
Itel Vision 1 (3GB RAM, 32GB) – Blue ₹ 6,890
Itel Vision 1 (3GB RAM, 32GB) – Green

How long does iTel 1 battery last?

Does itel Vision 1 Pro have a fingerprint sensor?

itel Vision 1 Pro comes with a fingerprint scanner, triple-camera setup and more.A

Is itel battery strong?

As we said, the Itel P32 comes with a 4,000mAh battery, which is larger than many batteries found on high-end flagship phones that can cost close to $1,000. Not only that, but the P32’s processor and RAM are low enough so that the battery uses even less power.J

How do you make the Itel S13 battery last longer?

– Select the Recent apps button.
– Select the Delete icon to close all running apps.
– Slide down the top menu.
– Slide down the top menu again.
– Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. …
– Turn off Location. …
– Adjust brightness to the required level. …
– Turn on Smart power…

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Is itel a good brand?

Established over 10 years, itel is an entry level and reliable mobile phone brand for everyone. Adopting “Enjoy Better Life” as its brand philosophy, itel’s mission is to provide budget-friendly mobile communications technology to everyone.

How long does itel 1 battery last?

How long can Itel S13 battery last?

Does Itel Vision 1 Pro have fingerprint?

itel Vision 1 Pro comes with a fingerprint scanner, triple-camera setup and more.A

How long can itel s13 battery last?

Is Itel Vision 1 Pro a 4G phone?

Is itel vision a good phone?

How long does Itel 1 battery last?

Which itel phone has the best battery life?

Mobile Phones Price Available From
————– —— ————–
itel Vision 2S ₹6,785 Sep, 2021
itel Vision 1 ₹5,999 Feb, 2020
Itel S42 ₹6,200 Sep, 2018
itel it7100 ₹1,650

How can I make my itel battery stronger?

– Check battery usage. In your settings, you can see a breakdown of what apps are using your battery the most. …
– Turn off Location Services. …
– Low power mode. …
– Turn off vibrations. …
– Turn off push notifications. …
– Battery saving apps. …
– Turn off auto downloads. …
– Turn down brightness.

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How can I make my itel battery last longer?

– Reduce screen brightness. The easiest way to conserve battery life while maintaining full function is to reduce the brightness of the screen. …
– Turn off the cellular network or limit talk time. …
– Use Wi-Fi, not 4G. …
– Limit video content. …
– Turn on smart battery modes. …
– Use Airplane mode.

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