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How Much Is Dstv?

DStv Premium costs R829 per month with 155 channels. DStv Compact Plus costs R539 per month with 141 channels. DStv Compact costs R409 per month with 124 channels. DStv Family costs R295 per month with 89 channels.F

How much is DSTV in Nigeria?

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Currently the cost of getting DSTV is 13,900 Naira. This includes cost of decoder, dish, dish kit (installation kit), remote, and one month free subscription to the compact package.M

How much does it cost to install DStv?

How much is DStv Compact Plus in Nigeria?

DStv Compact Plus is the second most expensive bouquet on DStv. Its current price is N12,400 per month. However, if you are a first-time DStv user, you need to purchase the decoder and dish first. This will cost you around N9,200.

How much is DStv 2020?

Package 2020 2021
—————– —- —-
DStv Compact Plus R529 R539
DStv Compact R399 R409
DStv Family R279 R295
DStv Acces

How much is DStv price in Nigeria?

DStv Premium – N21,000. Compact + – N14,250. Compact – N9,000. Confam – N5,300.3 days ago

Which is the cheapest DStv decoder?

1. DSTV Access (Replaced with DSTV Padi) This is the cheapest and one of the most opted for DSTV packages. With just N1,800, viewers have access to over 45 top notch local and international channels.

What is the best DStv decoder to buy?

The DStv Explora Ultra puts the power in your hands so you can enjoy all the best content, exactly the way you want to. Enjoy streaming services including DStv, Showmax, Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube – directly from the APPS button on your remote.

What is the difference between Explora and Explora Ultra?

According to DStv, there will be no difference between the features offered by Explora 3 and Explora Ultra to the users when they are not connected to the web. These common features are Catch Up, Pause of Live TV for up to 2 hours, Parental control, Box Office, interactive apps, and an eight-day guide.

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What is the latest DStv decoder?

DStv Explora

How much does it cost to set up DSTV?

How much is a MultiChoice decoder?

The new DStv Explora Ultra has a recommended retail price of R2 499 for just the decoder, and R3 699 when it includes installation. The new streaming carousel carries Showmax and Netflix, with MultiChoice that will roll out and populate the carousel with more third-party streaming services as time goes on.N

How do I set up DStv for the first time?

– Press the blue “DStv button”
– Use the right arrow to go to “Settings”
– Scroll down to “Satellite Settings”
– Then choose “Home Network”
– Select “Launch Installation Wizard” then press “OK” on the remote.
– Choose the satellite that matches your country.

What’s the difference between Explora and Explora Ultra?

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What is the difference between DStv Explora 3A and 3B?

Do I need to upgrade my DStv decoder?

How do I change from compact to Explora?

What is the difference between DStv Explora and PVR?

How much does it cost to install a satellite dish in South Africa?

How much is a new DStv decoder?

How much do you pay for DStv per month?

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