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How Much Is Flight From Kano To Abuja?

Which airline is flying to Nigeria now?

How much is the road from Kano to Abuja?

Abuja is located around 350 KM away from Kano so if you travel at the consistent speed of 50 KM per hour you can reach Kano in 8 hours and 42 minutes.

Is KLM now flying to Nigeria?

On its website, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced it would be resuming flights to Nigeria. The airline will fly from Amsterdam to Nigeria starting in December. Nigeria suspended all international flights in March and has slowly been allowing airlines back into its airspace.N

What is the cheapest month to fly to Nigeria?

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Nigeria High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Nigeria is February.

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Why is Travelling within Africa so expensive?

Travelling to Africa is an expensive adventure because of the lack of infrastructure, the complicated logistics, high ratio staff to guests but also because of the extraordinary adventure you are going to live while travelling this continent.

How much is fly from Kano to Abuja?

Cheapest return ticket price US$284 Kano(KAN) ⇒ Abuja(ABV)
—————————- —————————–
Cheapest direct flight price US$142 Kano(KAN) ⇒ Abuja(ABV)
Peak season for travel May US$188
Off-season for travel Feb

How long is Kano to Abuja by air?

How much is flight from New York to Nigeria?

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What airlines fly from the US to Nigeria?

How long is flight from Kano to Abuja?

Why are flights to Nigeria so expensive?

Most airlines that have a couple of aircraft running have reduced their frequencies and routes just to be able to cut losses. The fares are up because the government has not helped operators and they have been forced to spread the cost across the traffic available.

What is the best airline to fly to Nigeria?

1. Air Peace. Air Peace is number one in the top 10 best airlines to fly in Nigeria. Air Peace is a privately owned Nigerian airline that was established in 2013 by a Nigerian lawyer and businessman Allen Onyema.A

Which airline goes to Kano from Abuja?

Aerial distance 364 KM
——————————————- ——–
Popular Airlines from Abuja to Kano Swiftair
Shortest Time of flights from Abuja to Kano 01h 00m

Which airline goes from Abuja to Kano?

Which airline goes from Kano to Abuja?

Aerial distance 364 KM
——————————————- ———————————-
First Flight Swiftair 413 , departs at 04:00 PM
Last Flight Swiftair 413 , departs at 04:00 PM
Popular Airlines from Kano to Abuja Swiftair
Shortest Time of flights from Kano to Abuja 01h 00m

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