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How Much Is Gionee S11 Lite?

how much is gionee s11 lite?

Product Name Price in India
————————————— ————–
Gionee S11 Lite (4GB RAM, 32GB) – Black ₹ 9,999
Gionee S11 Lite (4GB RAM, 32GB) – Blue ₹ 6,499
Gionee S11 Lite (4GB RAM, 32GB) – Gold

Does Gionee S11 have fingerprint?

With the S11 Lite, Gionee is targeting consumers who want a phone that is pocket-friendly and offers some of cutting-edge features like edge-to-edge display, dual cameras, fingerprint sensor, portrait mode in camera, group selfies. Gionee launched the S11 Lite at a competitive price of Rs 13,999.M

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How much is Samsung A11 pro in Nigeria?

Samsung Galaxy A11 price in Nigeria starts around 49,990 Naira. The smartphone costs around 13,999 KSh in Kenya and around 790 GHs in Ghana. Price starts at around $140 at leading global online stores.J

How much is gionee a Lite in Nigeria?

What is the current price of gionee A1?

Product Name Price in India
——————————— ————–
Gionee A1 (4GB RAM, 64GB) – Grey ₹ 17,001
Gionee A1 (4GB RAM, 64GB) – Gold ₹ 17,950
Gionee A1 (4GB RAM, 64GB) – Black

What is the price of Gionee s11 in Nigeria?

Does Gionee have strong battery?

The phone boasts of a bright display, great performance, impressive camera, good battery; but the android buttons are not backlit and lacks 4k video recording. Announced at MWC 2017, the Gionee A1 is the company’s first launch for 2017.A

How much is Gionee S11 Lite in Nigeria?

Gionee S11 Lite Price in Nigeria starts at around 40,000 Naira.J

Is gionee a good phone?

Which Gionee is the best?

Model Price
————- ——–
Gionee F103 ₹ 8,316
Gionee P7 ₹ 9,089
Gionee F205 ₹ 10,539
Gionee P7 M

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How much is the latest Gionee in Naira?

How much is S11 in Nigeria?

How much is Gionee S12 in Nigeria?

The Gionee S12 price in Nigeria starts is around 56,800 Naira in Nigeria, which translates to about $139, 14,902 KHS in Kenya and about 816 GHC in Ghana. The Gionee S12 was announced in July 2020 and made available for purchase on July 15th, 2020.

How much is latest gionee in Nigeria?

How much is gionee a1 Lite in Nigeria?

Is Gionee a good phone?

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