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How Much Is Itel P37 Pro In Nigeria?

how much is itel p37 pro in nigeria?

itel P37 Pro Price in Nigeria & Availability The itel P37 Pro price in Nigeria is expected to start around N49,000 in Nigerian naira. The price equivalent in the global market is around $119.M

What is the difference between itel P37 and itel P37 Pro?

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How much is itel P37 Pro in Nigeria now?

What can Itel P37 do?

Save up to 13,000 photos, 9,000 videos, 100 movies. Enjoy a smooth and stable system that can run 12 apps at the same time!

What version is Itel P37?

itel P37 and P37 Pro Key Specs DISPLAY: 6.5 HD+ Waterdrop Fullscreen. OS: Android 10 (Go Edition) With OSV7. 0.M

Is itel P37 Pro available in Nigeria?

The battery of the itel P37 is ascertained with the ability to last all day through to the night even while on heavy usage. You can buy the itel and other smartphones in Nigeria via online stores like Jumia and Konga.M

What is the price of itel P37 Pro in Nigeria?

Price – 50,000 NGN. The iTel P37 Pro price is about 50,000 NGN.

Is Itel P37 PRO a 4G phone?

4G LTE – Enjoy Connection Speed 8 Times Faster Than 3G.

What is the difference between iTel P37 and iTel P37 Pro?

Is itel P37 a good phone?

With a 5000mAH huge battery, a 6.5” HD+ Waterdrop display, a 32GB + 2GB memory, beautiful design, and all the user-centred software features, the itel P37 is a decent device. It’s worth your money.

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Is Itel P37 a good phone?

Does iTel P37 hang?

If you’re a movie buff or you love shooting short videos and taking pictures, the itel P37 series comes with enough storage and dual rear cameras for you. A user says she can store up to 13,000 photos, 100 short videos, and watch as many movies as she wants without her smartphone hanging.J

What is the selling point of iTel P37?

Is itel P37 Pro 3GB RAM?

How much is itel P37 sold in Nigeria?

Does itel P37 have 4G network?

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