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How Much Is Oppo Reno5f?

Is Oppo Reno 5F waterproof?

If you’re wondering if OPPO Reno5 5G is waterproof, the answer is no. However, it is water-resistant with a rating of IPX4, meaning to say it can protect itself from splashing water, no matter what direction.

Is Oppo Reno 2 worth buying?

The Oppo Reno 2 is a stylish enough smartphone, if a bit on the bland side – there’s nothing really to make it stand out in terms of its looks, unless you’re counting that ‘shark fin’ style selfie camera pop-up – and we think that’s just a bit odd-looking (the OnePlus design is better). Your mileage may vary.

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Which is best Reno 3 Pro or Reno 4 Pro?

What’s the difference between Reno 5 and Reno 5f?

Specifications Oppo Reno 5 4G Oppo Reno 5 F
————– ———————————— ————-
Camera 64 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP And 44 MP –
OS Android v11 Android v11
Battery 4310 mAh 4310 mAh

What is the price of oppo Reno 2 Pro?

What is the price of oppo Reno5 in Pakistan?

What is the difference between Reno 2 and Reno 2F?

Is Oppo Reno 5F a 5G phone?

The front of the phone has a 32MP camera that lets you click selfies, shoot videos and take video calls. Oppo has packed the Reno 5F with a 4310mAh battery that supports 30W fast charging via USB Type C port. Connectivity features available with the device are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, 5G, 4G VoLTE and GPS with GLONASS.J

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How much is reno5f in Nigeria?

Does Oppo Reno 5F have fingerprint?

Connectivity options on the Oppo Reno 5F include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth v5. 10, USB Type-C, 3G, and 4G. Sensors on the phone include an in-display fingerprint sensor. The Oppo Reno 5F supports face unlock.

Is Oppo Reno 2 and 2F same size?

Is Oppo Reno waterproof?

The Oppo Reno 10x Zoom is not ‘officially’ water resistant and does not come with an IP rating due to the camera mechanism. It is draped in Corning Gorilla Glass which provides an extra layer of safety, offering very mild resistance from water.

How much is the price of oppo reno5?

What is the difference between Reno 3 and Reno 4?

Specifications OPPO Reno 3 OPPO Reno 4
————– ————————————- ————————————
Camera 48 MP + 13 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP And 44 MP 48 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP And 32 MP + 2 MP
OS Android v10 (Q) Android v10 (Q)
Battery 4025 mAh 4020 mAh

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What is the price of oppo Reno in Nigeria?

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