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How Much Is Samsung Note 9?

And it also costs the most — the Note 9 starts at $1,000 and goes up to an eye-watering $1,250. It’s easily the most expensive Samsung smartphone ever sold in the US and the most expensive Android phone on the market right now. To get the most, you’ll have to pay the most.A

Is the Galaxy Note 9 outdated?

The Note 9 is an old device that won’t receive any future Android updates. You can buy newer smartphones (e.g., Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S20 FE) with much better long-term support for a little more money.

How old is a Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

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———————- ——————————————
First released 9 August 2018
Availability by region show 23 August 2018 show 24 August 2018
Predecessor Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Successor Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Related Samsung Galaxy S9 Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018)

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How much does a Galaxy Note 9 cost now?

Carrier Price in USA
—————————— ————
Galaxy Note 9, Sprint $235
Galaxy Note 9, T-Mobile $169
Galaxy Note 9, Unlocked Non-US $312
Galaxy Note 9, Unlocked

Which is the best phone of Samsung in 2021?

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Which is the best Samsung phone in 2020?

– Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: The best S Pen experience to date.
– Galaxy S20 FE: Incredible value for money.
– Galaxy Z Fold 2: Challenging the mobile world’s limits.
– Galaxy S20 Ultra: The king of optical zoom.
– Galaxy Note 10 Lite: First attempt to make the S Pen more affordable.

Will the Galaxy Note 9 Get Android 11 update?

Software support for older Samsung flagships like the Note 9 and S9 stopped with Android 10, so these devices won’t be upgraded to a One UI-flavored version of Android 11.

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