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How Much Is Tecno W3?

How much does Tecno W3 cost?

Is Tecno W5 Lite a 4G phone?

Tecno W5 Lite is a stripped variant of the Tecno W5. It drops the 4G LTE and fingerprint sensor and switches the 5MP front camera with 2MP.J

Which phone is W3?

How many GB is Tecno W3?

How much is Tecno W2 in Nigeria?

Tecno W2 is available in Nigeria and Kenya. You can buy the device at leading online stores in the countries. Tecno W2 price in Nigeria ranges from 25,000 Naira to 32,000 Naira.J

How much is W3 in Nigeria?

How much is Tecno Y3 in Nigeria?

How much is Tecno W3 phone?

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What is the RAM of Tecno W3?

How much is W3 phone?

How much is Tecno Y2 in Nigeria?

How much is Tecno W4 in Nigeria?

Is Tecno W3 a 4G phone?

Is Tecno Y2 an Android phone?

What are the features of Tecno W4?

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