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How Much Is Tecno Y3?

Which Tecno model is the best?

How much is a Tecno Y2 in Uganda?

Which is Best Product of Tecno?

1. Tecno Phantom X. The price of the Tecno Phantom X is about $450 and this is the best Tecno Phone yet. One of the main highlight of this device is the fact that t comes with curved AMOLED display with 90Hz refresh rate.

Is Tecno Y2 a 4G phone?

The Tecno Y2 supports dual-SIM functionality to enable you separate different aspects of your life by using two SIM cards simultaneously. The budget phone supports high-speed 3G connectivity and that is the best you get. Who will be right to expect 4G LTE support on this one anyway?

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How many inches is Tecno Y2?

Colourful Display Discover TECNO’s Y2 unique style through the colors that make your mobile device looks great all on 4.0″ IPS display. The Android phone comes with IPS capacitive LCD touchscreen with 480 x 800 pixels.

How much is Tecno Y2 now?

Which phone is Tecno Y2?

Tecno Y2 is a basic smartphone that looks to appeal exclusively to entry-level users. The budget device offers simple entry-level features, including dual-core processor and Android KitKat software.J

How much is Tecno Y2 in Nigeria now?

How much is Tecno y4?

Is Tecno Y4 a good phone?

Equipped with impressive features and decent specifications, the Tecno Y4 is a perfect choice that is available at a starting price of Rs 0. The phone offers a slip-free grip as it is light in weight and is easy to carry.

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How much is Tecno Y3 in Nigeria now?

How much is Tecno y3 price in Nigeria?

What is the RAM of Tecno Y2?

Under the hood, the Tecno Y2 is equipped with a dual-core Cortex-A9 processor which runs along at a maximum speed of 1 GHz. The CPU is given support by 1 GB of RAM.

How much is Tecno Y2?

How many GB is Tecno y4?

internal memory 8 GB
—————– —————
expandable memory Yes Up to 32 GB

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