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How Much Is Tecno Spark 5l Nigeria?

The current price of Tecno Spark 5 in Nigeria is about N60,000 as seen on Konga Nigeria and about N65,000 as seen on Jumia Nigeria while the price in the US is about $200 as seen on Amazon.

How can I make my spark 4 battery last longer?

– Select the Recent apps button.
– Select the Delete icon to close all running apps.
– Slide down the top menu.
– Slide down the top menu again.
– Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. …
– Turn off Location. …
– Adjust brightness to the required level. …
– Turn on Battery saver.

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How much is Tecno Spark 4 and 5?

Specifications Tecno Spark 4 Tecno Spark 5
————– ———————- —————————-
Price ₹ 7,999 ₹ 7,999
Display 6.52 inches (16.56 cm) 6.6 inches (16.76 cm)
Camera 13 MP + 2 MP And 8 MP 13 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP And 8 MP
OS Android v9.0 (Pie) Android v10 (Q)

What is the price of Tecno Spark 4 in America?

Introducing necessary specification & features. The Tecno Spark 4 Price In USA Is Rs. 15,999 while in USD it is $ 96. To find out more about specs and price let’s have a look below.

How much is spark 5 in Nigeria now?

Price of Tecno Spark 5, 5 Air; Spark 5 Pro in Nigeria Tecno Spark 5 price in Nigeria is 52,500N. While the price of Tecno Spark 5 air in Nigeria starts from 50,000 Naira. However, Tecno spark 5 Pro in Nigeria, is around 55,000 naira.

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What is the price of Tecno spark 4 air in Nigeria?

Weight 1 kg
—— —–
color Black

How much is spark 4 in Nigeria now?

Tecno Spark 4 Price in Nigeria starts around 47,500 Naira. The smartphone is available for purchase in retail stores in Nigeria, as well as online retail stores based in Ghana and Kenya.M

How much does Tecno spark 4 cost in South Africa?

——————— —————————–
Battery Li-Po 4000 mAh, non-removable
Fast Charging No
Price in South Africa

How long does Tecno Spark 4 Air battery last?

Battery Capacity Removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery
—————- ———————————
Talk Time Up to 28 hours
Stand-by Up to 480 hours
Music Play Up to 31 hours

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What is the price of Tecno spark 5 in Nigeria?

TECNO Spark 5 Price in Nigeria The price of the Tecno Spark 5 device in Nigeria is N53,300 Nigerian Naira.J

How much is spark 4 right now in Nigeria?

Price – NGN 34,000. The Tecno Spark 4 Price starts at about NGN 34,000. You can get it in gadget and phone stores across the country, as well as from online stores.

What is the price of Spark 4 in Nigeria 2021?

The Tecno Spark 4 price in Nigeria begins at 46,500N and ranges up to 49,000N.

What is the price of Spark 4 in Kenya?

Price in Kenya Ksh 12000
————– ———
Display 6.52-inch
Ram 2 GB
Storage 32GB
Battery 4000mAh

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