How Old Is Oga Bello?

68 years

How old is Adebayo Salami Yoruba?

Adebayo Ayoade Salami
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Who is Oga Bello wife?

Omotayo Sa

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How old is bidemi kosoko?

33 yearsOctob

How old is Olu Jecob?

79 yearsJu

Who is Oga Bello first child?

Femi Adebayo, who is the first child of Oga Bello is blessed with four children, Fadlulrahman Adebayo, Olatoun Olarenwaju Adebayo, Fadlullah Adebayo, and Firdaus Niniola Adebayo. Tope Adebayo, the second son of Oga Bello, is a film director in Nigeria.

How old is Antar Laniyan now?

My earlier stage acting was in 1976; it’s a long time now. However, I became a professional, under Ben Tomoloju, in 1980, June 18, 1980 precisely. It’s about 31 years today and am not 50 yet (laughs). That means you started when you were just a boy?

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How old is Jide Kosoko?

68 yearsJanua

How old is Oga Bello?

68 years

Where is Adebayo Salami from?

Lagos, Nigeria

Who is first born of Adebayo Salami?

Who is Adebayo Salami first child?

Who is Oga Bello son?

How old is Olu Jacobs?

How old is Mr Bello salami?

Who is Bello salami first child?

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