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How Old Is Omoni Oboli First Child?

It is the joy of every parent to see their kids grow and such is the case for Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli. Her first son clocked 18 on Monday, July 26, and she shared the news online.J

Which state is Chioma Chukwuka from?

An actress, film producer and director, Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha was born in Lagos state, Nigeria and graduated with a BSc in Banking & Finance from the Lagos State University. Born March 12 1980, the dashing damsel, wife and mother of two’ hails from Anambra State in Eastern Nigeria.

Where is Chioma Chukwuka from?


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What tribe is omoni?

Omoni Oboli was born on the 22nd of April 1978, in Benin City, Edo State as the second and last child of her parents. The versatile actress is of the Mosogar descent of Delta State.

How old is omoni?

43 yearsApr

How old is k8 Henshaw?

Kate Henshaw Age Henshaw was born on 19 July 1971 in Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria. She is 48 years old, as of 2019.

What tribe is Omoni Oboli from?

Omoni Oboli Background The versatile actress is of the Mosogar descent of Delta State.


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