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How Old Is Timaya?

Is Timaya a Igbo?

Popular Nigerian singer, Inetimi Alfred Odon, AKA Timaya, has described Eedris Abdulkareem as ”a dirty looking igbo smoker and a fool.” This follows an interview with Goldmynetv where Eedris called Timaya an ingrate that forgets his root. He also accused him of singing about himself and not adding value to people.S

Does Timaya have a house?

Timaya’s house He currently owns about two properties in Port Harcourt and another one in Lagos. His second Port Harcourt property is said to have cost the music star about ₦100 million while his Lagos Mansion is worth a good ₦500 million after completion.J

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What is Timaya real age?

How rich is Duncan Mighty?

Duncan Mighty Net Worth: $17.3 Million
———————— —————————
Born: October 28, 1983
Country of Origin: Nigeria
Education: University of Port Harcourt
Source of Wealth: Music, Construction company

Where is Timaya originally from?

Where is Patoranking originally from?

Where did patoranking grow up?

Ijegun-Egba Satellite Town

How old is Duncan Mighty?

What country is Patoranking from?

What language is Patoranking?

Patoranking is the name given to him by a Jamaican artist when he was still working as a street jam and carnival dancer. The name is a combination of Pato, a short version of his name Patrick and ranking, which is Jamaican slang for someone that is highly respected.J

How much is Timaya net worth in naira?

He owns 2 Range Rover cars (different models), an Escalade Truck, and a Bentley Continental GT (Costs about N31M). He has various houses and he built one multi-million naira mansion for his mother in Benin City. Timaya’s Net Worth stands at an impressive $3.5Million.

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What’s Patoranking real name?

How old are Timaya?

Does Timaya have a house in Bayelsa?

How old is Timaya now?

Where does Duncan Mighty come from?

Is Patoranking a Ghanaian?

Who signed Duncan Mighty?

Who discovered Patoranking?

How much is Timaya worth in dollars?

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