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How Old Is Yousef Bbn?

Yousef is a 29-year-old Secondary School Teacher and describes himself as “soft-spoken, fun_loving, down to earth go_getter”.

What is not allowed in the Big Brother house?

Clothes entirely white in colour, with prominent commercial logos (unless authorized), or messages to the outside world. These items will not be returned until the end of the game/if you’re evicted from the Big Brother house.

How much is Yusuf in BBN?

Yousef has an estimated net worth of $50,000.O

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Is Yousef BBN an Indian?

“My full name is Yusuf Garba, I was born in Jos, I lived in Jos. I’m actually 29 years old and I was born on April 14, 1992. I’m biracial in Nigeria.S

Who has the highest money in BBN S6?

– Princess – N500 000.
– Arin – N442 857.
– Boma – N350 000.
– Maria – N300 000.
– KayveeN250 000.
– Niyi – N205 865.
– Beatrice – N142 857.
– Yerins – N142 857.

What part of Nigeria is Yousef from?

Real Name Yusuf Garba Adam
————- —————————–
Date of Birth 14th April 1992
Birth Place Plateau State
Nationality Nigerian
School Name Demontration Secondary School

How old can you be to be on Big Brother?

Bigs are volunteer mentors, ages 18+ (16-17 year olds accepted with parent permission in the School Based program) and come from diverse backgrounds just like our Littles. They are regular people, just like you. You don’t need any special degrees or job skills.

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Who is the youngest in the Big Brother house?

Michelle was the youngest houseguest to compete on ‘Big Brother 4 (US). Being 19 at the time of filming, Michelle is the youngest houseguest to ever compete on the US version of Big Brother.

Which housemate is the richest in BBN 2021?

1. Maria (Net Worth- $1.5 million) The first and richest housemate to be considered is Maria. Maria has an estimated Net Value of $1.5 million and is the richest roommate in BBNaija 2021.

Who is the youngest person on Big Brother?

Eddie McGee was on the premiere season of the Big Brother reality show and was the youngest houseguest on his season at 21 years old.O


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