How To Buy Data From Uba?

See below….. To buy recharge card directly from your UBA account simply dial *919*Amount# for your self I.e the number that you used to open your UBA account.

How can I borrow data from my UBA account?

– Just dial *919*28#
– Click Credit is also available on all our digital platforms (Leo, UBA Internet Banking and Mobile Banking)

How can I get data from UBA bank?

Simply dial *919*3*account number*amount#. Better still, *919*3*2075496785*1000#. Take your time to enter the beneficiary account details and even confirm the name thereafter if it is really the beneficiary name. So follow the above process, enter your UBA transfer pin correctly and complete the transaction.F

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How do I buy data on UBA?

See below….. To buy recharge card directly from your UBA account simply dial *919*Amount# for your self I.e the number that you used to open your UBA account.

How can I get my UBA statement online?

Get Account Statement For Mobile Banking, click on self-service and choose bank statement option to generate a statement up to a year. On UBA Internet banking, click on the My Bank Statement option, choose a date range within one year and download.

How can I register for UBA mobile banking without ATM?

Step 1: Dial *919*00# with the phone number you use to register the UBA account. Step 2: In few seconds your account balance will be sent to you in form of SMS. ( a fee is applied for this service ).

What is the code for UBA Magic banking?

Experience the Magic in Banking with *822#

How do I check my UBA bank statement on my phone?

– Download the UBA mobile app from the Google Play Store or iOS app store.
– Register an account and log in.
– Go to your account and select the account statement.
– Choose the duration that you want to see, and it will be shown to you.

How do you buy data from a bank?

– Have a functional bank account with funds.
– Register a mobile number with it for your alert.
– Obtain the code use for recharging at your bank customer service.
– Request for the detailed procedure.

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How do I buy airtime from my UBA account?

– Use the phone you registered with your bank account.
– Dial the UBA Bank Nigeria recharge code *919#.
– Follow the on-screen prompt to buy the airtime.
– Press the send button when you are done.
– Finally, wait a few minutes to receive a successful message from UBA Bank.

Where can I find data on a bank?

– Institution Directory. …
– Central Data Repository (CDR) …
– Statistics at a Glance. …
– Bank Financial Reports.

Can I borrow money from my UBA account?

You can get a loan of up to 1 Million Naira in one minute at an interest rate of 30% annually (2.5% monthly) and payback easily over 12 months. No hidden charges.

What’s the code to buy data from UBA bank?

Category Transaction Type Magic Banking Code
————- ———————- ———————
Data Purchase Buy Data (Self) *919*14#
Data Purchase Buy Data (3rd Party) *919*14*Phone number#
Data Purchase Smile Data Top-up *919*23#
Lifestyle Purchase Event Tickets *919*7#

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How do banks get data?

Almost all of big data in banking is generated by customers, either through interactions with sales teams and service representatives, or through transactions.

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