How To Get Ending 4 In I Became A Dog?

How do you throw Tomy in jail?

While Tomy is eating, go sneak underneath the pink rug and keep tapping until you get the jail key. SPOILER: Once you and Julia confront Tomy, she and James will lock you up in the cell, and that’s why this ending is called the “Imprisonment” ending.A

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How do you get ending 5 in I became a dog 3?

Ending 5 Another Beginning” (True Ending) You get this ending by getting the photo after Sam went into the vent
giving the dog a dried rat
and the sculptures are activated before rescuing Nancy. When you get this ending
the player tries to switch bodies with Lily but the dog in the vent stops the player.

When did I became a dog 3 come out?

I Became a Dog 3 is the third game of the IBAD series and was released on 30. July. 2020 by We like games.

How do you get the ending 3 in I became a dog?

Ending #3. The main thing with this ending is that you need to make sure your speed is one level below the maximum. At this point, you may or may not have been offered to completely max out your speed, and if Sony, the jumping dog, asks you if you want to max speed out, refuse the offer.A

How do you get into the bedroom in I became a dog?

Break Julia out of jail, and lock Tomy up in there. This will give you a chance to go to the bedroom, talk to your owner, complete the Bugs quest (it’s possible to get 500 bugs from Julia just by talking to her) and wake him up by hitting the Bark button three times.A

How do you get ending five in I became a dog?

Ending #5. For our final ending, the first thing you’ll want to do is to play through until you meet Sony and have him max out your speed. But this time, let him keep on jumping. Turn down Tomy’s gift, and let her give the gift to James so she can kill him.A

How do you keep Sony alive in I became a dog?

As Sony is a jumping dog, stop him from jumping, then help him out. Do all the quests for Tomy, then refuse her gift so she could give it to James, effectively killing him.A

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