How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Pots?

How do I keep squirrels and chipmunks out of my flower pots?

What smell do chipmunks hate?

Contrary to the noses of humans, chipmunks absolutely can’t stand the smells of certain strong oils like peppermint, citrus, cinnamon, and eucalyptus. Additionally, chipmunks can’t stand the smell of garlic.

What is the best way to repel squirrels?

What is the best way to repel squirrels? Strong smells are a great way to repel squirrels – certain odors make squirrels wrinkle their noses. They’re said to dislike the scent of coffee grounds and peppermint, or you could make up your own recipe with vinegar, garlic and onions or peppermint oil to spray in the garden.J

Will crushed red pepper keep chipmunks away?

Crushed red pepper flakes keep chipmunks away from the garden. It works like the original hot pepper and spreads the solid smells and spicy flavor around the garden. That’s why crushed red pepper flakes will also keep chipmunks away from your surroundings.

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Does Irish Spring soap keep squirrels away?

Squirrels are nauseated and repulsed by the stink of Irish Spring Soap. Spread either grated Irish Spring Soap around the perimeter of your garden and yard – or attach cubes of it to the top of stakes pressed into the ground all over your property. It will repel them. They will never cross that barrier.

Will vinegar keep chipmunks away?

The strong scent of apple cider vinegar repels chipmunks. You can spray your area with apple cider vinegar. It is available at any grocery store. When sprayed directly on plants or flower pots, it causes no harm.

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