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Why is the C300 so cheap?

Another reason that used Mercedes-Benz models are so cheap on the used market is due to their high cost of maintenance. According to Motor1, the average annual repair cost on most Mercedes-Benz models is around $908, which can vary. However, it’s a pretty good rule of thumb as simple oil changes can cost around $200.O

How much is Mercedes Benz C300 4MATIC?


How much is Mercedes C300?


How much is a 2020 Mercedes GLE 350?


How much is Mercedes Benz C300 4matic?


How much is Benz C300 used in USA?

Sedan Original MSRP/Price Drive
————————– ——————- ————
C-Class C 300 4MATIC Sedan $45550 / $43045 RWD / AWD4WD
C-Class C 300 Sedan $43550 / $41155 RWD / AWD4WD

How much is Benz C300 4MATIC in Nigeria?

How much is Benz C300 4matic in Nigeria?

How much is 4matic Benz car in Nigeria?

What is the price of 4matic 350?

How much is Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC?

Is the Mercedes C300 a good car?

How much does a Mercedes GLE 350 cost?

Is the C300 a 4MATIC?

How much does Mercedes C300 cost in Nigeria?

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