How To Use My Youtube Night Data On Airtel?

– Weekly: *323*22#
– Monthly: Dial *323*21#
– Balance inquiry: *410#

Can I use Airtel YouTube night data to browse?

Monthly: For unlimited YouTube Night streaming for N300 valid for 30 days. To activate you need to dial the USSD code: Weekly: *323*22# Monthly: Dial *323*21#S

Can I use MTN night data during the day?

All that I want you to know is that you can use MTN’s night data bundle in the day time, and it’s fast as the normal MTN hi-speed internet. Here’s how to set your midnight data for day use. Read carefully and don’t miss any step.

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Can you share YouTube night data on Airtel?

How do I use the YouTube night bonus on Airtel? You can dial *323# and follow the prompt. When you subscribe to the normal Monthly Plan, Airtel gifts you with an extra data bundle for the Youtube Streaming.

What time can I use my Airtel YouTube night bonus?

You just need to activate it to start enjoying unlimited night streaming between the hours of 1 am and 5 am for a small fee. The Airtel YouTube Night streaming has two plans (1) weekly and (2) monthly.S

How do I use my YouTube night data?

– Weekly: *323*22#
– Monthly: Dial *323*21#
– Balance inquiry: *410#

How do you use Night Surfer data during the day?

– End your active streaming session before 12am and start a new session at 12:01am.
– Reboot your router a few minutes before 12am for your night surfer data to kick in.

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How do I use YouTube night data?

YouTube Night Packs plans offer non-stop YouTube videos all night (1 AM – 5 AM). You can subscribe to the YouTube night bonus plan by dialing the code *323# to select any of the YouTube Video Packs.

When should I use Telkom Night Surfer data?

Use your Night Surfer Data between Midnight and 7am to answer all your deep life questions like who would win between Batman and Superman.J

What time can I use Airtel YouTube night data?

YOUTUBE NIGHT PACKS : Gives you Non-Stop YouTube Videos All Night (1AM – 5AM)
—————————————————————————– —- —–

How can I use Airtel night data during the day?

– Weekly: *323*22#
– Monthly: Dial *323*21#
– Balance inquiry: *410#

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