How Are Women Treated In The Novel?

How are women portrayed in British literature?

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How did Okonkwo treat women?

What character traits do you think strong female characters have?

How are gender roles portrayed in Things Fall Apart?

What gender is the crime Okonkwo commits?

Why is Hermione Granger a strong female character?

How were the women in Things Fall Apart treated?

What are the gender roles and how are they played out in Things Fall Apart?

How are women portrayed in Victorian literature?

How are women shown in things fall apart?

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How are female characters portrayed?

How are women treated in the book Things Fall Apart?

How do women suffer in Things Fall Apart?

What are gender roles in literature?

What is the difference between male and female crime in Things Fall Apart?

How were female authors treated in the Victorian era?

What are the gender issues in things fall apart?

How are women portrayed in classical literature?

How are women portrayed in old literature?

What are some of the common gender issues presented in British literature?

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