How Do I Register My Sim Card With Nin?

– The first thing you need to do is visit a National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) enrollment centre to complete the process.
– To ensure that the registration process is hassle-free, download the enrollment form from the NIMC portal before visiting the NIMC enrollment centre and fill it correctly.

How do I link my NIN number to my Airtel line?

Dial *121*1# to link your National Identification Number (NIN) on Airtel. Afterwards, you’ll be automatically redirected to the portal to enter your NIN, immediately insert your NIN to complete registration.

How do I register my sim by myself?

– Fist Dial the SIM Registration short code *404#
– Then Enter Your Phone number and Ghana Card Pin (letters and figures without hyphens)
– Then Confirm Ghana Card Pin.
– Your sim registration status will be displayed to you.

What number do you call to activate a SIM card?

Switch on the cell phone by pressing the power button. 6. If your phone is ready then dial “(877) 807-4646” from the dial pad. If you are a Business customer then you should call “(800) 922-0204” to activate your SIM.

How do I activate my SIM card NIN?

Dial *785# using the phone number you wish to link, enter your NIN and submit or dial *785*Your NIN# from the phone number you wish to link. The number will be linked to your NIN automatically. You can also visit or download MyMTN App to submit your NIN details.J

How do I verify my NIN online?

– Select NIN Verification services” present at the page.

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