Can You Freeze A Squirrel Before You Clean It?

What do you do after a you skin a squirrel?

What are the benefits of eating squirrel meat?

This little critter is a powerhouse of protein, with more protein in a standard serving than either beef or chicken. Although this meat is a good source of iron, niacin and vitamin B6, as well as an excellent source of vitamin B12, the downside is that it’s also a high-cholesterol food source.

How long is squirrel meat good?

Refrigeration. Squirrel meat can be stored in plastic Ziploc storage bags (not sandwich bags) and refrigerated for up to 3 days. Since squirrel is wild game, the meat will toughen up the longer it is refrigerated. As with other meat products, do not eat any squirrel meat older than 3 days.

How do you process a squirrel pelt?

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