Can You Have A Pet Squirrel In Nc?

Can you own a flying squirrel in North Carolina?

North Carolina has made it illegal to keep any wild animal as a pet, so always follow the rules. Otherwise, you could be penalized. According to Animals Mom, it is legal to own a flying squirrel in some counties. You will want to check the rules that apply in your county.

Can you keep a wild flying squirrel?

Due to flying squirrels’ exotic status, they are illegal to own in 10 states. This is because flying squirrels are being trapped in their native habitat and trafficked to different countries. Even though they’ve been banned in certain states, they are still getting smuggled in.

Can you have a flying squirrel as a pet?

While they’re not as common as other pet rodents, flying squirrels can be kept as a pet in most states, though some will require you to get a permit. There are definite pros and cons about these cute little gliding rodents you should consider before bringing one home.

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