What Does It Mean When A Cat’S Pupils Are Thin?

Why are my cat’s pupils thin?

Narrow pupils signal an aroused cat Arousal can be caused by many things — anger, fear and pleasure, primarily. These emotions can result in the sudden contraction of pupils so that they become narrow slits. You might see this if your cat encounters a catnip mouse and prepares to attack it.

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What does it mean when a cat’s pupils are big?

excited cat

Why are my cat’s pupils so big?

Cats dilate their pupils to improve their vision. Wide eyes enable cats to absorb more light, which is highly beneficial in dim lighting. Also, cats’ pupils dilate when excited, afraid, or hurt. However, this should never last longer than a couple of hours, eventually going away on its own.

What do the size of cat’s pupils mean?

Generally, a medium sized vertical slit usually indicates a confident, relaxed, happy cat. The more open or dilated the pupils are at certain times, can mean your cat is feeling defensive, may be agitated, and the eyes can warn you that they are about to jump away or may scratch or bite.

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