What Is Ear Tipping For Cats?

Can a year old feral cat be domesticated?

While some semi-feral cats can be tamed in a matter of weeks, it usually takes several months or even an entire year before they completely come around.S

Can a barn cat become a house cat?

It’s true, barn kittens may be project pets in the beginning. They come with a lot more responsibility than buying a bag of cat food and bringing them home. However, if you take the necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition for yourself, your kitten and any other pets, it’s worth the hassle.

Does ear-tipping hurt a cat?

Ear-tipping does not hurt the cats. The procedure is performed while they are already under anesthesia for their spay or neuter surgery and in sterile conditions to ensure safety. Cats heal pretty fast after surgery and it doesn’t affect their ability to live in their community once released.

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