Where Do Stray Cats Go During The Day?

Do stray cats stay in the same area?

There is no guarantee but must feral cats stay in a relatively small area as long as food is available. If your cat was used to being fed in one location he would probably continue to check that location for awhile, even after the food was gone, but again, no guarantees. Every cat is different.O

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Where do cats hide during the day?

Your cat will typically hunker down within just a few hundred yards from your home unless spooked. They can get very small and into places, you may not think of. Take a flashlight, get under bushes, decks, and in sheds behind garbage cans, and so on even during the day.

Do stray cats leave their territory?

Cats are territorial animals who can survive for weeks without food and will not easily or quickly leave their territory to search for new food sources.

How long can a cat go missing and come back?

It isn’t uncommon for cats to go missing for 24 hours, especially if they like spending a lot of time outdoors. In some cases, cats can even stay away from home for up to 10 days at a time. We also know of cats that leave home while their humans are away on holiday, returning soon after the family arrives back.J

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