Are Male Cats Bigger?

What does a distended abdomen look like in cats?

“Abdominal enlargement” is a general term that means a cat’s belly is larger or fuller than usual and bulges beyond the normal outline of the body. “Abdominal distention” is another term that has a similar meaning but often refers to more severe cases of abdominal enlargement.

How do I stop my indoor cat getting fat?

– Hide Their Meals and Litter Box. … – Use a Treat Toy or Feeding Ball. … – Spread Out Meals. … – Try Using an Automatic Feeder That Opens Based on a Timer. … – Add Water or Replace With Water. … – Play for 30 Minutes. … – Go for a Walk. … – Replace High-Carb Foods With Filler-Free Cat Foods.

How big should my cats stomach be?

A cat’s stomach is about the size of a Ping-Pong ball. It is designed to hold no more than 1-2 tablespoons of food at one time – an amount equivalent to the edible contents of their typical prey. This is why when your cat eats a big portion of food at one time, they can vomit it right back up.M

Should I get a female kitten for my male cat?

If you have an adult female who has been an only” cat for some time
it is best to get a younger female. Males
even friendly ones

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