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How Much Did Whitemoney Win?


How much has Whitemoney won in BBN?


What prize was given to Liquorose?

5m prize.

How much did Whitemoney win in the House?


Which part of Enugu is Whitemoney from?

Early life. Whitemoney is an Igbo man from Enugu State, Nigeria, but he grew up in Kaduna State.

How much is Liquorose?

Liquorose is currently one of the richest and most influential housemates, with her net worth estimated at $45,000 dollars. This is due to her relevance in the entertainment industry and the relevance of her brand as well.2 days ago

Who is the richest housemate in BBNaija season 6?

– Princess – N500 000.
– Arin – N442 857.
– Boma – N350 000.
– Maria – N300 000.
– KayveeN250 000.
– Niyi – N205 865.
– Beatrice – N142 857.
– Yerins – N142 857.

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