How Can I Subscribe My Gotv With My Phone?

To register for this service, simply dial *909# from your mobile phone and then press ‘4’ after the voice command. Choose ‘Register’ and provide the necessary customer information for each field and send it. After you have registered, dial *909*60# directly from your phone for your GoTV payment.A

How do I activate my GOTV via SMS?

To activate your GOTV Nigeria using SMS, type the following in form of SMS and send it to your country code. Type ACCEPT*IUC number*name*phone number*location*GoTv package# and send to 4688 for Nigerian code. The same procedure is applicable to other African countries, but you have to send it to your country code.F

How do I renew my GOtv subscription?

– Visit
– Input your Gotv registered phone number in the first box.
– Input your decoder IUC number in the second box (you can check below to see how to retrieve your IUC number).
– Click the login button.
– In your dashboard click on the ”Pay Now” button.

How do I upgrade my GOtv package after payment?

All you need is your mobile phone, and airtime to send the upgrade/downgrade SMS to the GOtv servers. Basically, send an ‘Upgrade IUC number’ text to 22688 to be prompted to the next step; or use the contacts stated at the bottom of this text to reach the GOtv customer care or service line for an upgrade.

How do I activate my GOtv subscription?

– Dial *423# on any network.
– Speak with a GoTV customer care representative and request for activation.

How do I subscribe for GOtv?

– Switch your decoder on if your account has already been disconnected.
– Log on to and elect the GOtv bouquet of your choice (GOtv or GOtvplus).
– Enter your e-mail address, IUC number, and enter your mobile phone number.
– Click NEXT.

How do I check my GOTV activation status?

– Type your IUC number in the fields provided then click the button “Check Activation status”.
– To check your account information, simply text “Balance” leave a space followed by the IUC number then send to 4688.
– You can also check your GOtv balance online.

How do I subscribe my GOtv with GOtv app?

– First, after login into your account.
– Tap PAY NOW button at the top of your GOtv App.
– You should see your Package with white round-ring by your left hand side, tap it to display your GOtv Package details.
– Tap PAY NOW at the top of your MyGOtv App.

How do I reconnect my GOtv subscription?

– Visit Eazy GOTV via your internet-enabled mobile device.
– Log into your GOTV account with your account number and surname.
– Click on the dialogue box “Clear your error”
– Clear the E16 error.
– Click on “Reset device now” tab’ and this will reset your GOTV decoder.

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