How Many Goals Has Christensen Scored For Chelsea?

How many goals does Christensen have at Chelsea?

Has Andreas Christensen scored for Chelsea?

On 20 October 2021, Christensen scored his first goal for Chelsea in a 4–0 win against Malmö FF in the group stage of the Champions League.

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Who is Chelsea current highest goal scorer?

RK Name G
— ————- –
1 Mason Mount 8
2 Jorginho 6
Kai Havertz 6
4 Rome

How many goals does Christensen have Chelsea?

Who is the top scorer in 2021?

Player Club Goals (PKs)
—————– ———- ———–
Cristiano Ronaldo Man United 12 (2)
Harry Kane Tottenham 12 (2)
Sadio Mane Liverpool 12 (0)
Ivan Toney Brentford 11 (5)

Who are the scorers for Chelsea?

RK Name P
— ————- —
1 Mason Mount 24
2 Jorginho 24
Kai Havertz 20
4 Romel

Who is Chelsea top scorer?

RK Name P
— ————- —
1 Mason Mount 24
2 Jorginho 24
Kai Havertz 20
4 Romel

Was Christensen in the Chelsea academy?

Andreas Christensen has sent a honest and surprising message to Chelsea’s youngsters trying to break into the first team. The Dane has been in their shoes, arriving at Chelsea in 2012 and featuring for the Academy.O

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Who is the highest goal scorer in Chelsea 2021?

2020–21 season
Top goalscorer
Biggest win
Biggest defeat
Home colours Away colours Third colours

Is Christensen a Chelsea academy?

Return to Chelsea On 9 January 2018, Christensen signed a new four-and-half-year deal with Chelsea running until 2022, after establishing himself in the first team. Christensen made 40 appearances for the Blues in 2017–18, including three in the victorious FA Cup campaign.

How many clean sheets does Andreas Christensen have?

Appearances 90
———— —
Goals 0
Assists 0


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