How To Block My Atm Card Access Bank?

how to block my atm card access bank?

You can also call this number: 07002255222377 (Toll-free). Request for ATM card block. Give Customer Care agent any details required. Once you have verified to the Access bank customer service agent that you are the card’s true owner, your ATM card will be blocked instantly.M

How do I block my bank account from my phone?

If your phone or ATM card is stolen, or you suspect that fraudsters might be tampering with your account, you can block your bank account from debit transaction with a mobile phone. This is done simply by dialing the bank code on your phone. Instantly, you will be required to type in your account number and name.O

How can I block my ATM card from my mobile?

Dial 1800 1122 11 from your registered mobile number and select your language. Now, select the block ATM card option and once you do it, your call will be connected to a representative.

How can I block my ATM without my phone?

How can I block my SBI ATM card online?

– Step 1: Login to with your username and password.
– Step 2: Select ATM Card Services>Block ATM Card” link under the “e-Services” tab.

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