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How To Register A Song In South Africa?

How do I copyright my music in South Africa?

A: Copyrighting your music is simple. To copyright your creative work, all you need to do is put your original music and lyrics on paper, a CD, MP3 player or even a DVD and there – you have it. Your work is entitled to copyright protection.

How much do you pay for SAMRO?

No, there are no signup fees or membership fees when you become a SAMRO member.

How do I register as an artist at SAMRO?

Registration at SAMRO is free. All you need do is submit the SAMRO Member Application form, Notification of Works form, Deed of Assignment form, and a copy of an identity document. All these forms can be downloaded on the SAMRO website.2

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Do you need permission to release a cover song on Spotify?

It’s always necessary to get permission from the artist (or more commonly the artists label) to perform a cover. You usually need to pay a performance fee and if you’re going to cover it for an album there’s licensing fees and all kinds of other things you need to look into.25

How do independent artists release music?

In most cases, in order to release your music to major streaming platforms, you will need to go through an independent distributor to do so. Many distributors focus on either releasing audio or video content, however, Vydia has developed an all-in-one platform to streamline both processes.1

How do independent artists release songs?

– Create a website.
– Generate a social media presence.
– Make a YouTube channel.
– Sign up to a distribution agency.
– Get playlisted.
– Contact small record labels.
– Get your music onto blogs.
– DM other musicians.

How do you announce a release of a song?

– Find the story behind your new music and tell it. …
– Have a new bio and press release written and ready to go. …
– Compile a list of radio, blog, peer and press contacts. …
– Update your website, mailing list and social media accounts. …
– Match your music’s story with a visual one.

How can I release my music independently in South Africa?

– Mix and master.
– Create social media profiles.
– Choose a single to promote your album.
– Create a mailing list.
– Register a domain and create a website.
– Submit your singles to radio stations.
– Look for a music distributor.
– Register with SAMRO.

Do you need a license to release a song?

As you automatically own the copyright for any original tracks you create, no licensing is required when you come to release them.

How much does it cost to produce a song in South Africa?

Popsong University did some research and they found that producers charge between R3013. 72 and R527400. 97 plus 20%-25% of the royalties. Piano Keyboard Authority estimates that indie song production generally comes in between R1506.

How can I publish my music independently?

– Make sure your music hasn’t been published yet. This might seem a bit out there, but you might’ve already accidentally published your music — it’s easier than you might think. …
– Register with the PRO of your choice as a publisher. …
– Promote your compositions.

How do I advertise a new song release?

– Contact the media. …
– Capitalize on special interest marketing. …
– Get in the music connoisseur space. …
– Go worldwide. …
– Send the song out to your audience using all available channels…

How much is to register a song at SAMRO?


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