Can Squirrels Cause Electrical Fires?

Will squirrels chew electrical wires?

What Problems Do Squirrels Cause? Since squirrels chew frequently, chewing their way through your roof is easy. There, they can damage electrical wires and cables in your attic and walls. Frayed or damaged wires can cause power outages in your home.F

How do I protect my attic wires?

Once they have made their way into your attic, protecting electrical wiring becomes sizably more difficult. The best solution is rodent prevention. Sealing cracks in the foundation of your home with caulk or spray insulation is ideal for keeping rodents from creeping up to the top floors.J

Can squirrels chew through electrical wires?

Squirrels like to gnaw – on anything – including phone wire, coaxial cable, and electrical wire. They will chew on the insulation until the bare wire is exposed, then move on to another spot and nibble some more.J

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