Yale Young Global Scholars Scholarship For Africans 2023

YYGS is an academic and leadership program at Yale University that offers need-based financial aid to US domestic and international students. The scholarship is open to applicants with a minimum GPA of 2.0, and a record of exceptional service, community involvement, and leadership.

Application period

During the application period for the Yale Young Global Scholars Scholarship for Africans 2023, you can apply to participate in this highly selective two-week academic summer program. It is an opportunity to meet peers from around the world, engage in debates on cutting-edge scholarly topics, and experience life as a university student. It is designed for exceptional high school students from all over the world.

The YYGS curriculum offers sessions in the humanities, biology, engineering, and social sciences. The program also provides participants with experiential exercises to enhance their leadership skills. It includes Yale student-led courses. This two-week program is held in the United States. The tuition is covered. You can also receive a tuition discount, covering up to 100% of the cost. You may be able to obtain travel assistance.


To be eligible for the 2023 Yale Young African Scholars Programme at the United States, applicants are to meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 14 years old by application deadline (01 February 2023) in order to be considered. Please note that a typical YYAS student is between the ages of 15 and 18.
  • Be able to participate in a rigorous academic curriculum conducted in English.
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of an African country. Applications will also be accepted from refugees living in an African country.
  • Be currently attend school in an African country.
  • Be a current 11th grade student (or the international equivalent).
  • If you attend school in the Northern Hemisphere, you must be graduating secondary school by latest May/June 2024. If you attend school in the Southern Hemisphere, you must be graduating secondary school by earliest November/December 2023 and no later than November/December 2024.
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YYGS is an academic enrichment program that brings together students from across the globe. It is held at Yale University in the USA. It offers a variety of sessions in humanities and STEM subjects. It also provides an introduction to the college application process. Applicants can learn how to write a college essay, and participate in experiential exercises to develop leadership skills. It will help participants explore a new culture and experience life as a university student.

To apply for YYGS, students must register, create an account, and complete the online application. The program also encourages applicants to submit fee waivers to save on the cost of the application. In addition, YYGS awards a need-based financial aid package. The program distributes over $3 million in need-based financial aid packages each year. Applicants from all countries are encouraged to apply.


YYGS is a summer program for high school students from all over the world. It offers a number of scholarships and fee waivers to make the academic experience affordable for many. YYGS offers a unique curriculum, including sessions in social sciences, international affairs, STEM, and the humanities. Its goal is to promote a synergic and collaborative approach to learning.

The YYGS program brings together more than 2,000 students from 150 countries. Participants are offered scholarships and a tuition discount that can reach 100%. Its curriculum is designed to foster discussion on cutting edge scholarly subjects, including constitutional law, political economy, and great ideas in the American intellectual tradition. Its curriculum also includes small-scale seminars, leadership training, and standardized test preparation sessions. Its instructors include Yale faculty, staff, and students from around the globe.

YYGS is an academic and leadership program at Yale University

YYGS is a free academic and leadership program that is offered by Yale University. It offers a cross-disciplinary track, allowing students to explore a wide range of topics. The curriculum is collaborative and encourages debates on cutting-edge scholarly subjects. It is designed to prepare talented secondary school students for college applications. This two-week summer program is held on the Yale campus in New Haven, Connecticut. It provides an interdisciplinary curriculum, academic sessions, and seminars. It covers topics including human rights, cyber security, environmental sustainability, and government structures.

The Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) is a leadership and academic program that is designed for African secondary school students. It offers guidance on the university admissions process, and is also an excellent way for students to develop leadership skills. It is also an excellent opportunity for African students who want to make an impact in their communities.

YYGS offers need-based financial aid to U.S. domestic and international students

YYGS is a unique academic enrichment program that is available to high school students from all over the world. This program provides opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom, interact with peers from different backgrounds, and experience learning in a variety of university contexts. The YYGS curriculum is highly collaborative and encourages an open-ended problem-solving approach to learning. It also allows participants to explore the world around them through field trips and other learning experiences.

YYGS offers five two-week sessions in the humanities, social sciences, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. YYGS is a cross-disciplinary program that serves over 2,000 students from 150+ nations. YYGS scholarships cover full tuition and travel costs. In addition, students may qualify for a fee waiver.

Students applying for YYGS must be a current high school sophomore or junior. They must be graduating from a school in the Northern Hemisphere in November/December 2023 or 2024. The application fee for YYGS is $60.

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